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          Six Types of Business Law

          October 6, 2020 0

          Business law, otherwise known as commercial law, is the law that governs what happens in business and commerce. This type of law is in civil law and often deals with public and private laws. If you start a new business or understand the legal practices governing business law, it might be wise to seek a business lawyer’s advice. Business laws fall into different categories.

          1. Immigration laws

          Modern businesses need to be in tune with the current immigration laws because they might hire foreign employees and follow foreign labor laws.

          2. Consumer goods sales

          This law that governs how businesses manufacture and sell their products. It deals with the employees’ working conditions, price controls, and distribution requirements. The Uniform Commercial Code covers commercial transactions and other topics ranging from leases, sales, bulk sales, frauds to contracts. A business lawyer advises their clients about the codes of practice governing this law and how it will help them remain productive.

          3. Employment law

          This law requires the employee to stay ahead of the current employment laws. Businesses will need to get legal advice that allows them to hire and fire employees. The law gives them an idea of the pay and benefits they should offer their employees. They also help them understand about payrolls and tax deductions.

          4. Anti-trust laws

          If your business wants control over a large market or want to grow and expand, they should seek advice on how they should legally do this. If you use unfair means to cut off your competitors in the market, then you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law. A business lawyer will guide you on the market behaviors that might be linked to anti-trust and help you navigate them before they create problems.

          5. Tax laws

          Businesses will need to pay taxes as part of complying with the law. There are different types of taxes, such as employee taxes, deductions, and estimated taxes. Business attorneys will help the business reduce taxes and help them comply with the tax requirements. Your attorney might also help you apply for special tax forgiveness and waivers that might be in your location or industry.

          6. Bankruptcy

          A business attorney will help you file for bankruptcy when your business is going through a tough financial situation. The lawyer will then help you understand the different types of bankruptcy filings available for your business. Bankruptcy laws have various requirements. Businesses need to understand the criteria that best suit their business. Business lawyers are important because they work with you and help in making business policies or filing documents.?For more information, Hoffer Adler can provide you with further insights.

          10 Types Of Mortgages

          August 17, 2020 0

          There are multiple types of mortgages. Below is a list of 10 different types of mortgages.


          In this kind of mortgages, you only pay off the interest on it. The monthly payments you make will be lower and won’t affect the loan. In the end, you will have to pay the full amount.?Check out Tembo Financial if you would like to learn more information.


          In this kind of mortgages, you pay back the money you borrowed steadily every month with interest depending on however much capital you may have left. The ‘capital’ is the amount of money left that you have to pay. This is why repayment mortgages are also known as interest and capital mortgages.


          The lender guarantees you that the interest rate will not change for a set period of time. Typically it’s between 1 up to 10 years; this is known as the ‘initial period.’ When the initial period is over, the rate will be switched to the standard variable rate or lender’s default rate.


          The Standard Variable Rate is a lender’s standard, default interest rate. The lender is free to set their Standard Variable Rate, and the lender can change it whenever they like.


          This has a variable rate where the amount of money you pay each month changes if the lender decides to change their Standard Variable Rate. For a period of time, you will receive a discount on the lender’s Standard Variable Rate.


          This is a type of variable rate that can be paid in different amounts of money each month to your lender. It works by using an interest rate to calculate the amount of money you have to pay each month, then adding the fixed amount. Your interest rate goes up if the base rate also goes up.


          Once you receive a mortgage, the lender will get you a sum of cash (percentage of the loan). This does not come with incentives such as free valuation.


          It’s a type of variable mortgage with a cap on how much the interest rate can rise. The interest rate can get higher than the tracker mortgage, meaning you might end up extra.


          This type of mortgage is flexible and can allow you to underpay and overpay or maybe even take a payment holiday if needed. This kind of flexibility has a price, and it is a higher interest rate.

          10. OFFSET MORTGAGES

          This can save you money on the amount of interest you pay on your mortgages. You will have to convert your mortgages into offset mortgages and then open a savings account with your lender, link your mortgages and the account.

          Stop Worrying and Help Your Child Concentrate

          September 22, 2018 0

          Be honest – are you one of those parents who worry about their child’s apparent inability to concentrate? Are you constantly asking, does he or she have ADHD? Are they doomed to failure and a life of disrupting others? This may come as a surprise, but many schools in the western world are seeing a fall in the concentration levels of their students, especially those in the younger age-groups. So you’re not alone.

          Here are three steps you can take to tackle the problem.

          Step 1: Investigate whether there is a biological basis for the child’s behaviour? Too many parents, I’m afraid, are very quick to assume there is. If they feel guilty about their poor parenting or have low self-esteem, they often start to blame themselves – but if their child is ill . . . well, that’s different!

          Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is usually the first thing parents suspect if little Johnny or Susie is running the teachers ragged. So let’s be clear what it is.

          ADHD has a biological basis and is characterized by impulsive or hyperactive behavior (such as fidgeting, squirming, excessive moving about, excessive talking), and inattentive behavior (such as difficulty keeping sustained attention, listening problems, difficulty following instructions, forgetfulness and lack of organization).

          If the disorder is diagnosed it can be treated by a combination of medication and counseling. However, many parents are reluctant to see their children ‘medicated’ at such a tender age and worry that the treatment may be ‘drugging’ them in order to suppress their energy.

          If you genuinely think that your child has the disorder, then seek professional advice. But consider this: medical researchers tell us that ADHD affects only a tiny minority, around 3%-5% of school-age children. So the chances are that your inattentive child does not suffer from it. What then?

          Step By Step Guide To Setting Up A RESP For Your Child

          August 22, 2018 0

          Obtaining a good education has become an asset in the life of many children. However, this does not mean that the cost of paying for post-secondary studies has become any less. Many people are financially burdened with paying for college or university and end up taking student loans which Parents should, therefore, take the initiative to start saving up for their children before time to pursue tertiary level education comes. By opening an heritage education funds RESP, parents are motivated to invest in the post-secondary education for their children. One can begin the setup process by following the guide below.

          1. Obtain a social insurance number
          Before opening RESP, you will be asked to provide proof of the identity of the recipient. You should, therefore, submit the birth certificate residency or social insurance number of your child. To be eligible to set up the account the recipients must be Canadian. In case there are any other beneficiaries you would like to include you should also provide their security insurance numbers.

          2. Analyze the different options
          There are various plans you can choose each with are rules and restrictions. There are three option plans individual, family, and group. Determine the one that best meets your needs. As you weigh your options, look at both the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Compare the fees charged by the choices and settle for one that is most convenient for you.

          3. Choose a payment plan
          Once you have selected your favorable option, decide how you will invest your savings. Different providers offer different payment plans. Your Registered Education Savings payment plan will determine when you will deposit your savings. It is, however, recommended to opt for the method that allows you to save regularly. Inquire what you will incur when paying for the plan and any other investment costs.

          4. Select your account
          Determine where you will put your savings. The mutual funds, savings account, stocks, and bonds can be considered as heritage RESP investments. Depending on how you want to invest your savings you can either choose he no risk account or mutual funds account that faces some risks. There is also the option for using a low-risk account.

          5. Carefully read the contract
          Before signing the agreement, ensure you go through the terms of the contract word by word. You should understand all the rules and restrictions of the payment plan you choose. See to it that the provider answers any questions you may have regarding the policy in case there is something you do not comprehend. Being aware of how the Registered Education Savings Plan works will allow you to have a satisfying saving experience.

          6. Apply for grants
          Once your heritage education funds RESP is set and running, the provider will proceed to apply for grants from the federal government on your behalf. Incentives from the government will give an opportunity for your returns to grow. The federal and provincial government periodically offers substantial grants to holders of RESP accounts to encourage parents to invest in the post-secondary education of their children.

          3 Ways Of Helping Children Cope With Stress And Deal With Feelings

          December 12, 2016 0

          Life is not always as simple and easy for children as one may think. Children need to meet the harsh demands of school top on of their personal and social lives. In addition, many parents also send their children for supplementary classes for enrichment purposes and attempt to discover their children’s talents by having them engaged in cultural activities at the same time. Pressure from within the home and from people around contributes to the high levels of unnecessary stress that young children are facing today. As such, it is crucial that parents know the 3 ways of helping children cope with stress and deal with feelings.

          The most basic thing to do to help your child cope with stress is to understand what stress actually is. Stress is our body’s way of reacting to specific events or changes in our lives that are taking place. Some children are brought up in an environment that encourages and guides him or her to deal with stress in a positive way. Thus, it is important that parents learn the skills to teach their children how to respond to stressful and tense situations in a more optimistic manner.

          The first people that children usually turn to for support are their parents. As such, parents should always ensure that they are there to provide a listening ear to their children. They should also be prepared to share good advice when the need calls for some. The goal of the parents in such situations is to guide their children and help them develop skills to cope with stress effectively. Avoid making the mistake of over questioning and adding unnecessary pressure on them.

          The second and most obvious step towards helping your child deal with stress is to be a good role model. This is because children watch and learn from what their parents do. If you are easily anxious and defeated by issues that take place in your life, those negative feelings may be transmitted down to your children eventually. Instead of becoming upset over every little thing, you should instead teach your children how to properly deal with them. Reflecting on your behavior and actions will actually improve your overall health in the process. Thus, try to encourage everyone in your family to cope will stress well so that your children will be able to develop the necessary skills to do so in a good environment.

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          Healthy Tips for Healthy School Lunch Ideas

          November 22, 2016 0

          Kids adore ‘kid food’- fun, colorful, mini-size, cartoon-covered, ready-made, TV-advertised tasty snacks that are easy to buy and convenient to pack into a lunch box. Unfortunately these foods are usually packed with bad nutrition- fat, sugar, salt and additives. Even the foods which appeal to you as a parent because they claim to be healthy are usually expensive and almost always unhealthy. Often pester power wins, and because other children are allowed chocolate biscuits and crisps, it seems unfair to deny your child these fun products.

          We can all take positive steps to make our children more healthy, and if we work together as a team, then so much the better. Lets try to squash the pester power and ban the junk.

          Here are some ideas to help you provide a healthier lunch box:

          1. Bin the junk, get back to basics and start preparing home made food from fresh ingredients. This food will be nutritionally far superior to anything that you buy ready-made.

          2. Buy some greaseproof paper sandwich bags (plastic coverings on food may be harmful to our children’s health) small reusable containers and fun stickers. Use these to create attractive packaging to hold their interest, and help the environment at the same time.

          3. Get the children involved, they are far more likely to eat something they enjoyed making. Buy or make pizza, cut into smaller pieces and get the kids to make their own mini-pizzas to eat cold. Provide healthy toppings such as mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, peas and mushrooms.

          4. Make fruit fun. Buy vitamin-packed strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and grapes. Set them in jelly in little pots, thread them on wooden skewers or make them into a lovely salad.

          5. Kids love ‘dippers’ but they are full of junk. Make your own, with little pots of humus, mackerel pate, or cream cheese, prepare sticks of vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, peppers, celery or use breadsticks and crackers. Pack some veggie sausages and a little pot of tomato ketch

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